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NPC 100 Years

Free Entrance to All USA National Parks on NPS 100 Years Birthday

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NPS.gov (America’s National Park Service) is Celebrating 100 Years (Happy Birthday!). Join the Party with Free Admission to ALL 412 USA National Parks from August 25 through August 28 2016. For the Full List of Events in the National Parks: http://findyourpark.com/find#centennial_events Here are the Top 10 Most Popular National Parks in America: 1. Great Smoky […]


Tomorrow is July 4th – America’s Independence Day

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Tomorrow is July 4th,  The American “Independence Day“. The date that America became an independent country.  It is traditionally celebrated with fireworks, local parades and family gatherings. July 4th is also a Federal Holiday with many local events around America. A Record Breaking number of more then 43 million people are expected to travel during […]

Earth Day

Earth Day (22/4) – Give Back to the Planet

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Earth is our Home, This amazing world with a variety of landscapes and cultures has been the cradle of humanity, and even to this day despite all the technological development achieved we are still very much dependent on it. Every year on April 22th the World signify the day we give back to the Planet. […]

Happy St Patricks Day

Cheers on St. Patricks Day (17/3)

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St. Patrick’s Day is an Official Public Holiday in Ireland and also celebrated by Irish descendant groups in Cities around the World. Many of them attend parades wearing a Green Attire with Shamrock (which is the Leaf of the Clover Plant) and often drinking Irish Whiskey, Beer or Cider. And Special Religious Ceremonies are carried out […]

TravelionX eTours App

TravelionX eTours – Free Travel Mobile Application

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Great News! our New Mobile Application “TravelionX eTours“ is finally Out and Ready, Filled with many Cool Features for Travelers. Be the First ones to Try it Out!  Download Now Free from Google Play: <br<Introducing “TravelionX eTours” Main Features: Record your Trips – Display your location and add Custom Markers (with your text and photos) on […]

Happy Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day – Love Photo Contest (you can win 50$)

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It’s Valentine again and LOVE is in the Air… Valentine’s Day is celebrate every year on 14th of February. It is named after the christian saint Valentinus that was helping lovers get married in ancient Rome. Romantic couples travel holding hands and showing their love to the world. It is also customary to buy Valentine […]

Happy New Year

Celebrate “New Years Eve” Around the World

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Every year at the end of December on New Year’s Eve the World celebrate the ending and start of a New Year. The first place to welcome the new year is in the island of Samoa and Kiribati on the East and continues west to the rest of the World. Europe In London the celebration […]

Black Friday

Weekend Sales: Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

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This weekend comes two crazy sale days: “Black Friday” (27/11/15) followed by “Cyber Monday” (30/11/15). These events make huge sales Online and also in “Brick and Mortar” (offline) shops. “Black Friday” is the day following thanksgiving day in the US. It signify the start of the Christmas Shopping Season, it is considered one of busiest […]

Smart Suitcase

Never lose your Suitcase anymore!

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Have you ever lost your luggage while traveling abroad? Well you are not alone! more then 24 million suitcases are mishandled every year… that’s about 7 bags lost for every 1,000 travellers (source: SITA 2015 Baggage Report). Lately, Airline companies like German Lufthansa have started using new baggage tags that includes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) […]

Black Friday

Black Friday FREE Offers in London

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Hi You, how was your week? This weekend is Black Friday, full with many special discounts and opportunities for Shopping… But before you start, here are a some offers  for Black Friday in London: Free Tube Transport in London: https://www.priceless.com/en-gb/london/Fare-Free-Fridays/offer.html?et_cid=2577&et_subid=2755346&et_mid=6262822 Book Hotel Tonight for only 7£: https://www.hoteltonight.com/2014/11/doorbuster-room-deals-black-friday-2/ Looking for Hotel in London? Hotels in London […]

Prauge Black Theatre Masks

Lights Up on Prague’s Black Theatre

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Black Theatre has become one of Prague’s well-known attractions, along with Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock. This special theatre uses black curtains with UV “black lighting” (Ultra Violet) to create amazing visual effects of rolling, jumping and flying in the air. The players wear mostly black cloths with only a small part of their costume visible to  the audience. The “Black Box” technique was first […]

World Space Week

3 … 2 … 1 … Its World Space Week (4/10 – 10/10)

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The “World Space Week” was declared by the United Nations (UN) in 1999 to show the advances in space science and its benefits to humankind. It is celebrated annually from 4/10 (lunch of the first satellite Sputnik 1 in 4/10/1957) and until 10/10 (Sign of the Outer Space Treaty at 10/10/1967). This year (2014) the […]

Europian Researchers Night

European Researchers Night – Free Science Festival (26 Sep 2014)

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The European Researchers Night is celebrated every year  simultaneously in over 200 cities all around Europe and beyond. The activities include “behind the scenes” guided tours of research labs, various science lectures and educational science shows and demonstrations. Part of the events are also appropriate for families and kids. And all the events are FREE. […]

La Tomatina

La Tomatina – The Biggest Food Fight Festival

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La Tomatina – The Biggest Food Fight in the World Every year on the last Wednesday of August the city of Bunol in Valencia Spain get crowded with tens of thousands of people from all around the world coming to  participate  in “La Tomatina” – the famous “Tomato Food Fight” Festival. This tradition date back […]

Submit your Best Summer Vacation Photos and you can Win a 2000$ Travel Voucher

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Submit your Best Summer Vacation Photos and you can Win a 2000$ Travel Voucher. Join the Travel Photo Contest at www.SmarterTravel.com website: http://www.smartertravel.com/photo-galleries/user/your-best-summer-vacation-photos-2014-contest.html?id=816&source=91&value=2014-08-13+00%3A00%3A00&u=FLYZKWGQSI&nl_cs=19621462%3A%3A7629030%3A%3A19621058%3A%3A Enjoy Life Guy Perl

Chinese Floating Lotus Lanterns

Ghost Festival in China – “Yu Lan Pen” (10th August 2014)

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The Ghost Festival of China is a Traditional Buddhists ceremony that is celebrated on the 14th day of the 7th month of the Chinese Calendar (10th August 2014). The ceremonies include special prayers and offering food & drink to the ancestors. Also, on live performances and shows the first row has empty seats reserved for […]

Piza Tower Optical Illusions

Do you Believe It? Amazing Optical Illusions of famous landmarks around the world

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Do you Believe it? Now do you understand the “real reason” why the Tower of Pisa is tilting to one side? You can create great Optical Illusions with just a simple camera and the right positioning and timing. Follow the link below for more Amazing Optical Illusions of famous world landmarks by the photographer and […]

Verruckt World Tallest Waterslie

World Tallest Water Slide Open now in Kensas City

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Taller than “Niagra Falls“, The World Tallest Water Slide Verrückt (“Insane” in German) opened in Kensas City, USA. It’s 168 feet 7 inch (51 meters high) like a 17 story building and the slider raft can reach speeds of 65Mph (almost 104Kph). The Verruckt was also accepted by Guinness World Records as the World’s Tallest Water […]