52 Weekends in Southeast Asia

By TravelFish

Travelfish 52 Weekends

What is a year but 52 weeks? And what is a week but five days on each side of a weekend? Here are 52 ideas for 52 weekends in Southeast Asia to create a year’s worth of travel without submitting a leave form.

We’ve taken a part of the world we know a fair bit about and selected 52 places that we believe are great. Some are well known, others far less so, but many can easily be added on to an already existing trip.

We’ve tried to lean towards places that don’t quite get the attention we think they deserve and we’ve worked to cater to most interests. Whether you’re a beach bum, a food lover or a nature worshipper, something somewhere within these pages should inspire you.

The guide is available for free download in PDF format (high- and low-res) and, pending approval from Apple, iBooks format.