Travels in Cuba

by Mark Moxon

travels in cuba guide book

Author: Mark Moxon
Pages: 39
Copyright: Mark Moxon © 2005. "I’ve released this book and its companions via a Creative Commons Licence, which means you are free to distribute it to everyone and anyone, as long as you distribute it on a non-commercial basis and make no changes to it."


Architecturally speaking, Havana is like a gracious old woman sitting by the sea, staring out through crinkled eyes at the deep blue waves of the Florida Straits. Look into her eyes and there’s a youthful twinkle in there, almost an air of mischief, because behind the crumbling facade, Havana is sexy, hip and gorgeous. One day Havana will undoubtedly get a facelift and some of the magic will be gone; right now, though, Havana is a glorious synthesis of the very old and the very new, and it’s thrilling.