Happy St Patricks Day

Cheers on St. Patricks Day (17/3)

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St. Patrick’s Day is an Official Public Holiday in Ireland and also celebrated by Irish descendant groups in Cities around the World. Many of them attend parades wearing a Green Attire with Shamrock (which is the Leaf of the Clover Plant) and often drinking Irish Whiskey, Beer or Cider. And Special Religious Ceremonies are carried out in Churches around Ireland.

Patrick was a christian missionary that converted the “Pagan” Irish natives to Christianity. He has ridden Ireland from the “Snakes” probably relating to the Pagan Serpent Gods. He was buried on the 17th of March at Downpatrick in Northern Ireland.

The Green Color and particularly Shamrocks  has a specially significant to the Irish people. Tradition state that Patrick used the Shamrock to explain the “Holy Trinity” to the Pagan Irish and it also resembles the shape of the Cross. The “Four Leafs” Shamrock is considered to give great Luck.

In the last Years the St. Patrick’s Day has become Commercialized and Popular, And is also celebrated in many Non-Irish Communities.

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Tip: If you’re in Chicago you Must go and see the Green Colored Chicago River (picture above).

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So, Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Cheers…
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