New Horizons Flyby Pluto

Hello Pluto, here we come!

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Today (14/7/2015), Humanity have reached a new Frontier.  To the edge of the Solar System – the planet Pluto. It took NASA’s space probe “New Horizons” more then 9 years and 5 Billion Km to finally reach Pluto and his moon Charon and send us back first real pictures of this planet.

The planet Pluto was discovered on 1930 by  Clyde Tombaugh working at Lowell observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona while searching for “Planet X”, the speculated ninth planet that was supported by astronomic calculations. The name Pluto (god of the underworld) was suggested by a Venetia Burney an 11 years old british girl and was accepted as the Official name (it also contains Percival Lowell’s initials PL). Since 2006 Pluto is considered a “Dwarf Planet” because it is actually smaller than several of the largest moons in the Solar System like Titan and even our Moon.

I was very excited to hear about this achievement, and it makes you wonder about the future of space travel and tourism. walking on moon again…, trekking on the red surface of Mars and watching the rings of Saturn from close at hand, what a View! There might come a day when all of this will be possible and  maybe even common.

For more details and updates of the “New Horizons” mission check out NASA’s Website:

You can also download NASA’s Free Cool Application “Eyes on Pluto” to your PC or Mac:

So, keep believing and Enjoy Life :-)

Guy Perl