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Mini Travel around the World in only One Day!

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One way to travel the whole world in only one day is by going to a miniature park, its fun and educational and especially great for Kids.

Most of the miniature parks offer local and also some international famous buildings and landmarks, so you can stroll the park and view the sites.

Usually entrance will cost money but there are some exceptions, like not paying for little kids under a cretian height or age.

For example, in Swiss Miniatur – children under the age of 5 years enter free and you also have a FREE Entrance on your birthday (don’t forget your identity card!) and on other events like Father’s day  (free entrance to the father) and Mother’s Day (free entrance to the mother).

check out the following link for a big list of “Miniature Parks around the World”:

Because it’s a Small World (after All)…

Enjoy Life :-)

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