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Never lose your Suitcase anymore!

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Have you ever lost your luggage while traveling abroad? Well you are not alone! more then 24 million suitcases are mishandled every year… that’s about 7 bags lost for every 1,000 travellers (source: SITA 2015 Baggage Report).

Lately, Airline companies like German Lufthansa have started using new baggage tags that includes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to minimize mistakes and improve baggage handling.

But Technology brings us other solutions. For example, the startup company Bluesmart offers a new kind of High TechSmartCasewith many cool features like:

  • The Suitcase is always connected to your smartphone by using Bluesmart’s application.
  • Digital Lock and Proximity Sensors Security.
  • GPS location tracking (the suitcase will alert you if you leave it behind).
  • Build in Digital Scale (to check Weight).
  • And even a build-in battery for charging your smartphone.

To get a 20$ discount on preordering Bluesmart follow this link:

For more details watch the following Video…

For more Suitcase Innovations:

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Guy Perl